The Creativity Course

6 Month Long Course: How Your Creative Self can Heal Your Heart, Boost Your Confidence & Rewrite Your Future

Starts June 14, 2019 / 6 Month Drip / Self-Paced / Lifetime Access

The Creativity Course: How your creative self can Heal Your Heart, Boost your Confidence & Rewrite Your Future - Includes pre-recorded content + 1 live Zoom call monthly.

Creative genius lives in each of us, but often not in the ways that we think. Acknowledging and working with your natural creative power can drastically affect health & healing, mental & spiritual well-being, happiness and productivity. Denying your creative self can be devastating to all of the above.

Leave judgement behind as you delve into a 6 month exploratory journey of your own creativity (in all aspects of life) and dive into multi-disciplinary practices (meditations, sound healing, music, light work, journaling, sharing & more) to enhance and induce creativity on a regular basis.

You'll learn about:

  • The science of creativity (your brain on creativity & more)
  • How creativity mirrors meditation (and how it can offer healing & comfort)
  • How harnessing creativity can improve your relationships and people skills
  • How to induce creativity for well-being, joy or trouble-shooting in any situation
  • And much more

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone in transition looking for a boost of inspiration on the path to what's next
  • Anyone who suspects they DON'T have a drop of creativity in their body
  • Anyone who is "traditionally" creative looking to use creativity as a healing art
  • Anyone reading this who is simply curious (curiosity is often a calling!)

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Your Instructor

Debbie & Kellie Lin
Debbie & Kellie Lin

Longtime collaborators, Kellie Lin Knott and Debbie Williamson, have worked together for well over a decade creating inspirational retreats, trainings and content for their own programs and for others. Both equal parts biz maven and artist, Debbie & Kellie value creativity, technical skill and improvisation with equal measure. They seek to help their clients improve their lives through education, once in a lifetime experiences, and business and personal mentorships.

Previously available to audiences only in person, Kellie Lin and Debbie launched Life Mastery Business Academy / Online Aloha in the summer of 2018 to make their teachings and offerings accessible 24/7 online to friends new and old.

ABOUT DEBBIE: In addition to her work with Life Mastery Business Academy, Debbie is the founder and owner of Wild Kauai Chocolate, a Bean to Bar Chocolate shop, where she sells her delicious chocolate and teaches chocolate making. Debbie just released her first book, entitled Re: Fresh - Adventures in Yoga, Eating & Purposeful Living and is hard at work on her next one (working title: Chasing Chocolate) about the stories and circumstances that led her to sell all of her yoga studios and businesses to move from Wisconsin to Hawaii to open her chocolate shop.

ABOUT KELLIE LIN: Kellie Lin Knott is an award-winning songwriter and creativity coach and just released a full length acoustic pop album (The World Awake - with lyrics co-written by Debbie) themed with issues of love, personal faith and moving through struggle with grace. She continues to write music and also plays country music all over the island of Kauai. In addition to all of the above, Kellie does select ghost writing, marketing and web projects for people she really, really likes.

Hard workers both, Debbie & Kellie none-the-less love to laugh and find adventure, ease & joy in Every Corner.

A message from Debbie & Kellie:

We miss being in front of you in person at events and definitely want to continue to be a big part of your life. Instead of seeing you in workshops and trainings around the country, we want to be there for you when (and where) you need us most - right in your own home or a click away, anywhere. Allow us to assist you in feeling connected, supported and inspired!